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Maximizing Time with Doctors

Click the links below to access resource Web sites to find out more about Maximizing Time with Doctors.

Web Resources:

Elderly Patient Communication
Q&A column courtesy of QualityHealth.com provides useful advice for helping seniors communicate effectively with their doctors.

Medication Safety for the Elderly
This downloadable guide from Healthnet offers advice on medication safety for the elderly.

Talking With Your Doctor
The National Institute on Aging offers this downloadable guide for those with time to read a 48 page document. It is full of tips and advice from talking to doctors about health issues to advance directives.

Prescription Medicine
eMedicineHealth provides a detailed overview of prescription medicine and related issues, including what to do during the visit to the doctor and pharmacy, common prescription abbreviations, synonyms and keywords, generic medications, and more.

Let’s Talk Pain Coalition
This interactive Web site provides visitors with comprehensive information and tools to help enhance the dialogue between those affected by pain and healthcare professionals.

Hospital Hints
If a hospital visit is planned, get some sound advice about preparing from AGIS.com.