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Sandwiched: When Caring for Parents Becomes a Workplace Issue

Statistics show that increasingly more employees are also family caregivers for their aging parents. Businesses are reporting lost productivity, increased healthcare utilization and employee turnover. With the graying of the Boomer generation, these trends pose an urgent need for businesses to plan for the needs of their working family caregivers. Call Carefirst today to learn about our eldercare services and educational workshops.

Web Resources for Family Caregivers in the Workplace:

Click the links below to access resource websites to learn more about family caregivers in the workplace and the benefits of eldercare programs.

Why is Elder Care an Important Workplace Issue?
The information on this document is provided by the Sloan Work and Family Research Network at Boston College and covers statistics and reports on how elder care is affecting the workplace.

CBS News Video Reports on Employees and Elder Care
View this short CBS video on how companies lose billions of dollars a year when employees miss work to take care of their loved ones. Some employers are acting to ease the burden and boost their bottom line.

Employer Perceptions of Elder Care Assistance Programs

This study from the College of Public Health assesses the perspectives of senior human resource and employee benefit managers at large U.S. corporations about nine types of elder care services.

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